Our Story

Dependable Resuscitation Training, LLC started in June of 2006. The founder, Joshua Cools, had a desire to improve the management of prehospital patients. Over 10 years of EMS experience, Mr Cools noticed some of the same issues being neglected with each patient. Therefore, he set out to focus on the basics while emphasizing the importance of quality patient care. 

Almost 10 years later and the company has over 100 customers without any marketing tactics. With exception to a few customer that found us online, all of our customer base comes from referrals- a fact that we are very proud of. We consider the difference between us and other companies is the quality of the teaching. We strive for educational AND enjoyable classes. If people are bored, they aren't learning. They might be thinking about work to be done, home projects, or anything other than the course subjects; therefore, we strive to make all classes actually enjoyable! Additionally, we don't send instructors that read about how to take care of patients; rather, we send experienced paramedics and nurses. Our entire staff works at local EMS agencies or hospitals and bring hands-on knowledge of patient care. 

Whether it's quality CPR and first aid training or advanced EMT training, we are the one stop company to provide your medical training. Please call or email and we would be happy work with you.